Amboni Primary School

Location: Aberdare National Forest
Completed: The Joe Gracey Library and Music Lab, Water purification system
With thanks to: The Bellows Foundation, Well Aware, AMD/Lenovo
Needed: Books to fill the new library, funds for a librarian and music teacher

Located in a remote area near the Aberdare National Forest and next to Simbara Secondary, the kids here speak some of the best English we’ve heard at any school in Kenya. In partnership with Well Aware, we have completed the purified water system, serving over 500.

In June 2012, we cut the ribbon for the newly reconstructed building that is now home to the Joe Gracey Library and Music Lab, in memory of Austin music icon Joe Gracey. With new Lenovo computers, piano keyboard and guitar, and the first library books in the community, this facility will serve over 500 kids from preschool through grade 12.

To support the library program at Amboni we are looking for donors to contribute $25 for three library or textbooks books, $250 for a shelf full, or $2500 to fund the librarian and music instructor for a full year.

The students here are currently working 6 to a desk and textbook, the next need will be to purchase more of both. Desks and textbooks for one student run about $100.

Amboni Photo Gallery

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