Laureate Library

Our Laureate Library, featured on The Nobelity Project YouTube Channel, consists of short interview segments with all the Nobel Prize winners from our films:

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize, 1984

“If you want peace, then work for justice. If you want an end to terrorism, then you have to eradicate the root causes, those things that make people feel so desperate that they do desperate things.”


Sir Joseph Rotblat, Nobel Peace Prize, 1995

“’Shall we put an end to the human race or shall mankind denounce war?’ Albert Einstein said this. He thought the problem was stark and inescapable.”


Jody Williams, Nobel Peace Prize, 1997

“There’s nothing magical about change. If someone wants to change the world, it takes getting up off your ass and caring enough to take the first step to contribute to change on an issue you care about. It’s not a magical vision for the future. It’s being the future you want to see.”


Wangari Mathaai, Nobel Peace Prize, 2004

“Development agencies and governments need to understand that development doesn’t come until the people themselves work with their own hands and engage themselves and change! Because they change the environment in which they live but they also change themselves, and that’s what is very important in Africa.”

Steven Weinberg, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1979

“We can’t escape the moral choice.”



Ahmed Zewail, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1999

“The key, in my opinion, is to learn how to build bridges between humans, to build bridges between cultures and to build bridges between nations, and not to use a program of conflict of civilizations, and conflict of religions.”


Amartya Sen, Nobel Prize in Economics, 1998

“Knowing what the problem is, recognizing it, is halfway to a solution.”



Rick Smalley, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1996

“If fossil energy remains our source of energy prosperity for the planet… it’s going to be an unpleasant century. “



Dr. Harold Varmus, Nobel Prize in Medicine , 1989

“As a fraction of our gross national product, the U.S. is at the bottom of the 22 wealthiest nations on a list of donors of foreign aid”


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