Mahiga Hope High School and Primary

Location: Aberdare Mountains, Central Highlands, Kenya
Completed: High School Classrooms, RainWater Court, Science Labs, Library, Kitchen, Preschool
With thanks to: Architecture for Humanity and the Nike GameChangers Fund (RainWater Court), AMD (computers), Netri Foundation (Library), and thousands of sponsors, donors and friends that made it all possible
Needed:  Textbooks, desks and chairs, sponsorships of students and additional teachers

Mahiga is where the Nobelity Project began in 2005. After the initial installation of a small rainwater collection system and a secured computer lab, Turk returned to Kenya in 2008 to visit Mahiga. Water borne illness was down and school attendance was up! It was clear this community was ready to support their children by working for a better future, but with no secondary school within walking distance, and no resources to send their children to a distant boarding school most of these kids were facing the end of their schooling at the end of the 8th grade.

Inspired by the commitment of these families and school officials, The Nobelity Project has been able to secure funding and complete Mahiga Hope High School. In partnership with Architecture for Humanity and the Nike GameChangers Fund we constructed the RainWater Court: a full court basketball facility that collects, purifies, and stores rainwater. Included in the project is a new kitchen and dining hall, science and computer labs, and the Netri Hope Library. And the growing numbers of preschoolers now have their own clean and light classrooms and playground. Now a government supported school Mahiga Hope will see it’s first graduates in 2012. As the student body grows and the school moves toward self-sufficiency The Nobelity Project will continue it’s support through student sponsorships; art, music, and sports programs; library and textbook funding; desk and chair purchases; and a mentorship program.

The story of Mahiga is chronicled in our newest feature film, BUILDING HOPE: The Story of Mahiga Hope High School. In addition to the award-winning film, The Nobelity Project has published a coffee table companion book, written as a personal narrative and illustrated with hundreds of full color photos. The BUILDING HOPE book/DVD package is available for purchase here.

Mahiga Photo Gallery

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