More pictures from new Kenyan school projects!

Building community, competence, classrooms and more.

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Connecting classrooms to the world through community service projects: reforestation, native gardens, book drives, and more. Free teacher resources at

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Watch our new video to meet Baby Ringo and learn more about ways to help the Rhinos of East Africa. Thanks to Ringo Starr for the support.
Peace and Love!

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“The Turk”
Turning Wine into Water
Funding clean water projects for schools in rural Kenya in partnership with Hope Family Wines.
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Kenya Summer Tour wrapping up!

June 25, 2016

Kenya Summer Tour wrapping up!

Another day, another Asante! What a week! Every visit to a Kenyan partner project is filled with joy and celebration, laughter and tears. It’s hard to describe the wave of gratitude we receive – and at every stop we promise to take those thank you’s back to you. Please know that you are with us every day, but today we […]

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