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To U.S. Friends of Start A Library Trust

As a US based nonprofit, The Nobelity Project provides the connection for 100% of your tax-deductible donation to be sent to Start A Library Trust. Their work to improve quality education, literacy and life skills to learners is bringing a meaningful and sustainable difference to central rural regions of Kenya.

Your gifts have specific impact.  


$50 for 25 storybooks

$100 for 60 storybooks


$150 for 5 teacher-librarians $300 for 12 teacher-librarians

Learn more about their work at

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Start a Library is an initiative under Storymoja that aims to excite children about reading for pleasure by making books readily accessible to them. 


The Nobelity Project and Storymoja are long-time partners, working together to fill libraries with storybooks and providing schools with vital literacy programming through their Start A Library initiative. 

We knew our missions were aligned when Storymoja announced plans to separate from the initiative and Start A Library Trust registered as an independent non profit organization focused on establishing more libraries. More than storybooks, Start A Library Trust delivers a sustainable model to Kenyan schools to increase literacy and excite learners and their communities to read!


Two Library launches and a reading activation were done at Chuma Primary, Bingwa Secondary and Muthuni Primary. More than 750 learners and 21 teachers benefitted across the 3 schools. Grades are in! Students have had an 8pt increase on mean scores over the last 2 terms since partnering with Start A Library Trust! Read more (and see more!) of their findings.


A New Chapter for Embul-bul! January opened the new library at Embul-bul Primary School. The launch was beyond book donations. It was a celebration of hope, a commitment to fostering literacy, a tool to support learners unlock their full potential and the start of a lasting with the school. Thanks to Turk's birthday campaign, Kiserian Primary School library launch is scheduled for February. 

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