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Through challenges and triumphs, Building Hope chronicles the construction of Mahiga Hope High, the first high school for a remote African community. Streaming classroom version and lessons available:

SXSW Lone Star Audience Award 

Best Documentary at the Maui Film Festival.

Available for screenings in schools, religious communities, and homes.

Filmed in 20 countries on five continents, One Peace at a Time looks at the possibility of providing basic rights to every child.

Featuring Nobel laureates Muhammad Yunus and Steve Chu, American icon Willie Nelson and many others.


Music by Ben Harper, Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson, Cat Stevens, Explosions in the Sky and more.

An eye-opening and inspiring look at the world’s most pressing problems through the eyes of Nobel Prize winners, including Wangari Maathai, Sir Joseph Rotblat, Desmond Tutu and 6 others.


Available on DVD and for private screenings.

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