SINCE 2005

The Nobelity Project focuses on educational and environmental progress in East Africa, Latin America and at home in Central Texas.

Our vision is simple: every child has the right to a quality education.


Our mission is direct: we bridge gaps in education so each child has a ladder to success in school and in life.


Our commitment to you is clear: your support is used in the best possible way to build a brighter future for 15,000 children every year.

With 600 students in 10 classrooms this school in Amboseli is in deep need of a new pre-school. The most critical years of a child's education are from ages 3-5, so let's get these little ones off to a good start with  light, bright, warm and well equipped  classrooms. An early start to school is one of the leading indicators of later success in school and in life.

Special thanks to the Grotefelds for the matching funds!

And to the Angama and Big Life Foundations for our continued work together.

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And they're off! Two of our scholars join Dedan Kimathi University!

Congratulations to Abraham and Lucy as they lead the way on our new partnership with Dedan Kimathi University in Nyeri County, Kenya. Both have received scholarships from The Nobelity Project for graduating at the top of their class in 1 of our 5 partner high schools. More students will be joining DeKUT soon! If you are interested in sponsoring one of these students please contact us at

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What an amazing night! Thanks to all of our honorees, performers, attendees, volunteers and sponsors. We are so grateful for your generosity and belief in our work. Stay tuned for reports on the progress you make possible. 
Photos, updates and more.

Here's footage from our June 2021 Kenyan school visits. This is a tiny peek at decades of hard, but rewarding work.

The individual projects now number in the hundreds. Together we are making a difference for students around the world. 

Turn up the volume! Join the fun! Lift your hearts!

Since 2005, The Nobelity Project has worked with communities in need, primarily in rural Kenya, to deliver on that promise. We invite you to be a part of these community's futures.  


Whether it's building new classrooms, preschools and libraries, supporting students through college, connecting kids around the globe, or providing for critical needs we hope these projects inspire you to #FeedThePeace.  


The Nobelity Project Team


Honi students explore their new library