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2017 Feed The Peace Awards

2017 honored Texas music legend Jerry Jeff Walker and the inspiring runner and community leader, Gilbert Tuhabonye. Musical guests included The Trishas, Jerry Jeff Walker, Jack Ingram, Bruce Robison, Randy Rogers, Darden Smith and friends.


Author of the classic song "Mr. Bojangles", Jerry Jeff Walker has recorded 40 albums and performed across America and around the world for five decades. Jerry Jeff's Tried & True Foundation is dedicated to music education and health care for musicians.


A survivor of genocide in his native Burundi, Gilbert Tuhabonye is a long distance runner and coach who leads and inspires others to believe that they can achieve anything, regardless of circumstances or obstacles. Gilbert's Gazelle Foundation funds and builds water projects that delivers clean water to over 70,000 in his native country, Burundi.


  • Live auction had record results which were amplfied by a full match of every winning bid by the Event Chair Steve Kuhn of ASK Charitable Foundation.

  • Kenyan SkySafari funded a large classroom, library and computer lab at a remote Kenyan High School

  • Collings Guitar (custom made by the great Austin guitar company and signed by Paul Simon) funded construction of new Kenyan preschools

  • Raise Your Hand for Clean Water (with multiple matches of every $1,000 donation) funded water projects in Kenya and a large community school water system in Burundi, built in partnership with Gilbert's Gazelle Foundation.

  • Jerry Jeff followed a beautiful new love song with a wonderful rendition of his classic hit, "Mr. Bojangles."

Steve Kuhn honored for ASK Charitable Foundation FTP2017
Turk & Christy Pipkin honoring Jerry Jeff Walker FTP2017
Turk & Christy Pipkin honoring Steve Kuhn and his ASK Charitable Foundation FTP2017
Turk & Christy Pipkin honoring Gilbert Tuhabonye FTP2017
Jerry Jeff Walker and band FTP2017
Gilbert Tuhabonye
Christy and Turk Pipkin
Turk and Christy Pipkin FTP 2017
Tony Ciola, Cassie and Creed Ford IV
Paul Twitchell and guests
Ronan Melomo, Lily Pipkin, Walden Hagelman FTP2017
Mary Kimani, George Opudo, Beverly Dale FTP2017
Magdalena Rood and Leslie Moore
Lauren Springer and the Wynne Family FTP2017
Kathy Blackwell and Aubrey Mayo FTP2017
Katherine Willis and Charles Wiedman FTP2017
John and Maica Jordan FTP2017
2017 #FeedThePeace
Jenn McNevin FTP2017
Jeffrey Springer and Amie Harris FTP2017
2017 #FeedThePeace
Jimmie Dale & Janet Gilmore and Ken Hamilton & Margot Keller FTP2017
Cass and Scout Stormcloud Hook
Eduardo and Brenda Contreras FTP2017
Diana and Robert Greenfield
Ben and Svetlana FTP2017
Carlos and Christine Kempff FTP2017
Bill and Ana Stapleton FTP2017
Carol Lin and Steve Eckleman FTP2017
Carmen Morgan and Annika Franco FTP2017
Quintanars FTP2017
Be Inthavong
Jennifer Alexander and friends
Jay and Vicki Mechling FTP2017
Suzanne Deal Booth and LeMel Humes
Steve Kuhn
The Trishas
The Trishas
The Trishas
The Trishas
The Trishas
The Trishas
Turk Pipkin and Steve Kuhn
Custom guitars on the auction block!
Mellow Johnny's
2017 Pledge Boards #FeedThePeace
PATRON YETI package FTP2017
Seersucker CO High Cinco Jumpstart pledge FTP2017
Paul Simon signature FTP2017
Feed The Peace Silent Auction
Gareth painting FTP2017
The Turk wine by Treana FTP2017
2017 Live Auction #FeedThePeace
2017 Silent Auction #FeedThePeace
2017 Event Sponsors #FeedThePeace
2017 Supporters #FeedThePeace

2016 Feed The Peace Awards


The Valentines evening was romantic and fun with a stellar auction, interactive photo booth and lively performances. 

See an archive of gala photos and past honorees here.

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