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Slaid Cleaves - Singer-songwriter extraordinare, Slaid Cleaves strives to sing about what his audiences feel. Writing about his masterful 2017 album "Ghost on the Car Radio," Rolling Stone called Slaid a "master storyteller, one influenced not by the shine of pop-culture but by the dirt of real life."

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Del Castillo Trio - anchored by brothers Mark and Rick del Castillo, DC Trio blends rock, Latin, blues and world music into a cinematic celebration of sound that lifts your soul.  “Whether Del Castillo works in Spanish or English, it rocks righteously. The Spanish guitars’ flamenco vibe gives a dramatic flair, abetted by Alex Ruiz’s passionate vocals.” Billboard Magazine.

Van Wilks & Josh Smith - A Texas legend for 40 years, Van Wilks has recorded six solo albums and toured the world with ZZ Top, Heart, Van Halen, Journey and many others. Winner of multiple Austin Music Awards, Best Acoustic and Best Electric Guitarist in the Austin Chronicle Readers Poll and a member of the Texas Music Hall of Fame, Van also has the distinction of being ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons' favorite guitarist. He is joined by guitarist and songwriter Josh Smith.

Bill Carter (with Bale Creek Allen & Gabe Rhodes) - A member of the Austin Music Hall of Fame, Bill Carter is the co-writer of "Crossfire" and "Willie The Wimp", recorded by Stevie Ray Vaughan; and "Jacksboro Highway", recorded by John Mayall. His songs have also been covered by Waylon Jennings, Stray Cats, Counting Crows and many more. He appears with two more Austin legends, drummer Bale Creek Allen, and guitarist and producer Gabe Rhodes.

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