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February 23rd, 2020



That was fun! Guests enjoyed Ilegal Mezcal margaritas and Tito's cocktails. We stayed up all night thanks to High Brew Coffee and hydrated with Richard's Rainwater. Twisted X provided the brews. Treana and Quest provided fine wine of course. Shout out to Hope Family for carrying the Turk magnums! 


The silent auction was a hit, see our Instagram for highlights! FILO and PSAV provided pro production elements. Premiere Event Rentals made the room glow. The Four Seasons were hospitable as ever. Volunteers rocked registration! 

Christy and Turk honored Ray Benson with his Feed The Peace Award (uniquely crafted by Kathleen Ash | Studio K). Special guest Kat Edmonson sang a tune along with friends Joe Ely and Marcia Ball. Oh the Live Auction!! Trips to Kenya, Cabo, and the Concerts! Asleep at the Wheel had us swinging with smiles till the very end. 

Amy Price Photography and The Artist Couple Photo Booth captured our hi jinx. John Jordan Design and Thomas Printworks got it all in writing.

Thank you for helping raise a lot of good. This year's fundraising gala means educational and conservation programming with our partners around the world. You made a very special Sunday. Look to the moon tonight and know you share the awe with some very grateful students.

Amy Price Photography | Feed The Peace 2020


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