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The ARES System is an educational tool providing an extensive digital library that includes programs like Wikipedia, Khan Academy, great works of literature, STEM videos, and lessons from the Kenyan school curriculum. For schools with no internet, this information enables students to perform better on their national exams and compete with schools in more urban areas. ARES systems purchased through Tembo Trading Education Project. RACHEL is now available through

Thanks to: 

A.S.K. Charitable Foundation

and SXSW Community Grants for supporting this initiative. 

Each school has different needs, with costs ranging up to $5000 for larger campuses. To fund a system, contact us.


Join the fun! $2500 supplies: 

  • Five computers

  • The ARES with training 

ARES: Internet in a Box is in five computer labs at partner Secondary Schools in Kenya. Participating schools and enrollment numbers:

Mahiga Hope High School - Nanyuki - mixed public day 

Number of students: 188


OlMoran Secondary School - double stream (triple in some grades) mixed public Secondary with limited boarding

Number of students: 415


Simbara Secondary School - mixed public day 

Number of students: 120


Laburra Secondary School - mixed public day 

Number of students: 341


Monica Munyaka Girls Secondary School - Naro Moro

Number of students: 500


Beverly School - Naivasha - mixed primary/secondary school, a STEM academy with boys and girls boarding, with double education tracks (one Kenyan, one the British track)

Number of students: 220

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