March 2019 In celebration of Dick’s memory, we opened the doors to the Dick Clark Legacy Library at Mahiga Hope High School. The students, teachers, and parents – and all of us too – were blown away by the beauty and warmth of this inspiring center of learning and the promise it holds. Working with our trusted contractor Peter Maina, Dick Clark + Associates created a place for hopes and dreams to grow. Dick would have loved it.

Thanks to friends and family of Dick, DC+A, and The Nobelity Project for supporting this project:

Amal and Zane Wilemon

Angela Battaglia

Austin Hope

Benjamin Lasseter

Cesar Valdez

Charlie Jones

Christine Ten Eyck

Clara Paterson

Claudia Reese

Connor M VanVeckhoven

Desirae Pierce

Diana Clark

Garrett Duke

Grayson Cecil

Gregory Copp

Jodi Zipp

Johanna Reed

John Springer

Joshua Melton

Judith F Sanford

Kimberly and Dan Renner

Kris White

Kyle D. Gordon

Lamar Clemons

Lauren & Patrick Erker

Linda and Howard McCollum

Lisa Laughlin Boyd

Maija Kreishman

Mark Vornberg

Mark McMurrey

Matthew Wroblewski

Michael Walsh

Michele Moore

Paul Bardagjy

Raphael Lee

Reed & Betsy Clemons

Richard Dorrell

Richard Martin

Rolla Bruner

Ron White

Sandra & John Melton

Sherry Matthews

Steve Kuhn

Walt Penn

William Bechtol

William R Schnier