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Giving Circle Member Event

Hi there!


We’re excited to announce our next Nobelity Giving Circle Event for Thursday, September 28th. We have a section of VIP seats reserved for our Giving Circle Members to join us for the aerial performance of Blue Lapis Light's "BELONGING II UNIVERSE". Should be a wonderful evening full of awe.


Choreographer Sally Jacques is extraordinary, and for this show, Sally is using some of Turk’s footage for background projections on the Plaza on the Lake Building overlooking Lake Austin. The show, with both aerial and ground dancers, explores the connections in our relationships, the natural world and the global community.

Thank you for being a part of The Nobelity Project Giving Circle!

Peace and Love, Turk and Christy

For inspiration, here’s a quick bit of video taken by Turk at last year’s show at Seaholm. 

Blue Lapis Belonging Flyer.png


Belonging II Universe uses both aerial and ground dancers to explore connection in our relationships, the natural world and the global community.

The vision of this site work is an offering; a homage to all beings, and our planet and is inspired by awe. To live in awe is to bear witness to the awareness of what breathes in a moment.


The Nobelity Project only has reserved 20 total tickets and we would love to have you with us! This performance will take place on a beautiful building surrounded by water and open fields.


Performance at 8:00 pm

Thursday September 28, 2023


Experience Blue Lapis Light in an intimate, outdoor setting, under the stars at 5000 Plaza on the Lake. This is a family-friendly show…whether it be an outing with friends/family or a date night, we ensure a beautiful, breathtaking experience for everyone who attends. No pets, please.

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