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You are a tight knit community of believers in a better world. Truthfully, this group existed long before The Nobelity Project’s inception 15 years ago. You have acted as pillars to build an organization of achievements.


To date, nearly $4 million dollars have positively impacted 150,000 lives in East Africa, Latin America and right here in Central Texas.


Contributions of all sizes brought books to readers, erected schools for learners, and grew literal forests from Eburu to Bastrop. Critical needs like efficient latrines, clean water, warm kitchens, and safe dorms have been constructed. Students have engaged with their peers on the other side of the world through film and story-telling. Life-changing opportunities like stipends, salaries and scholarships are being earned by hard working teachers and students.



The Nobelity Project prides itself on purposefully running “lean”.


Turk’s height and can-do attitude enables us to see just over the horizon and know that anything is possible. Christy is petite and agile, with an eagle eye on details and logistics. Together our small team is able to quickly identify places with the most potential for the highest impact.


Since 2005, our organization remains financially efficient and fast-paced as ever. 


The skills we’ve developed over decades in the entertainment industry, campaign arena, and nonprofit sector allow us to tackle large issues with creative approaches.


Personal relationships established over time allow us to treat the most intricate needs with intimacy and respect. We are more than partnerships in Kenyan towns like Nyeri and Mweiga, the island community of Roatan, or the quiet village near Macheros.


Gibson, Beatrice, Peter, Jane, Joel, Lindberg, Dominic, Dawn and others are lifelines for students.

Christy, Turk and their committed staff make sure your funding goes to the projects that do the most, for those who need it most.


Thank you for seeing our initial vision, showing the initiative to power through this pivotal moment in history, and giving the future dimension and its full spectrum of possibilities.

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