"The Turk" by TREANA | Turn Wine to Water 

Every bottle means clean water for school children in Kenya. Available at fine wine sellers, select HEB and Twin Liquors.

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Well Aware | Supporting H20 solutions in Africa 

Clean water is one less obstacle to getting an education.


STORYMOJA | Kusoma ni poa!

Publisher and host of one of the largest literary festivals in Kenya! We are filling libraries shelves, training librarians, certifying teachers.

Mobile Art School in Kenya | promoting innovation

Proudly supporting creative arts and education.

The Nobelity Project Student Assistance Grant provides for Austin's homeless population and supports Cap City Kids' Empowerment Academy with AISD and Project Help.  

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Let's team up!

Opportunities for grants, sponsorships, and working on projects that share the same mission to provide education for all.







PO BOX 161925

Austin, TX 78716 

The Nobelity Project is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

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