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what's up: Kenya!

The Nobelity Project had two opportunities this Spring to check on progress of construction projects, visit with partners, and present well-deserved bikes, books, and laptops to students. Ready to travel through time and space? Let's go!

Monday February 27, 2017

Turk and Mike drive to Mutaki Primary to check on new library and kitchen, then evaluate water system construction with WellAware at nearby school

Tuesday 2/28

Book shopping and library supplier meeting in Nairobi, then check on construction at Muthuini library

Wednesday 3/1

  • Mike picks up bikes in Nyeri to present to top scoring students later

  • Bike, tablet, laptop presentations at Simbara Secondary

  • Meet with Headmaster Karimi to discuss Leadership Seminar

  • Formally invite Loise, Joyce, Annex and Allan to upcoming Leadership Academy!

  • Film Muthuini construction and meet with Margaret about grand opening plans for May

  • Stop at Mahiga Hope High School to check on ARES function and work with students in computer lab

  • Discuss Leadership Seminar with Principal Ruth Wambugu

  • Invite Jane, James, Gladys and Samwel N. to upcoming Leadership Academy!

Thursday 3/2

  • Mike picks up more bikes in Nyeri

  • Present 3 bikes, 3 tablets and 2 laptops at Laburra

  • Meet in computer lab to discuss later ARES installation

  • Meet with Headmaster Kiragu to discuss Leadership Seminar

  • Invite Faith, Samwel W., Boniface, and Marysylvia to upcoming Leadership Academy!

  • Discuss possible library and new computer lab construction

  • Discuss status on classroom #8

  • Check on Primary Classroom

  • Bellvue Presechool Ribbon Cutting

  • Stop in at Mugunda Maternity

  • Check on Muthuini Primary and library progress

Friday 3/3

  • Bike, tablet and laptop presentations at Olmoran

  • New classroom inspections

  • Discuss books and shelves for the library, ARES and new computers

  • Meet with Principal John Kimathi about Leadership Seminar

  • Invite Euphrasia, Mary, Hudson, and Silbury to upcoming Leadership Academy!

Saturday 3/4

Final checkin with Muthuini Primary

Depart for Ol Pejeta to film

Monday 3/6

Visit to Kanyoni Preschool (near Mt. Kenya Safari Club)

Tuesday 3/7

Drive north to Samburu

Turk barely hit the ground stateside before setting off to Roatán, Honduras to celebrate the launch of a second bookmobile with Partners In Education Roatán (P.I.E.R.) - more on this later! With only a couple weeks to recoup and repack, Christy joined Turk on a return journey to Kenya, which included our Leadership Seminar with top scoring scholars from area high schools, opening the highly anticipated Muthuini Library, and touring Mugunda Maternity Clinic. Catch your breath? Come on!

Wednesday April 26, 2017

  • Stop to buy books and supplies, then a quick check on construction to make sure Muthuini opening could go off without a hitch :)

  • Gibson helps set up computers so Benson could teach all the kids how to use the ARES system. In addition to exploring life skills and career options, a live video call with students in the US, and learning new strategies through game play, these students would act as ambassadors for their schools - teaching their peers and community how to use this new tool


Leadership Seminar Day One


Leadership Seminar Day Two

*See our comprehensive Facebook post about this fantastic weekend!*

Saturday 4/29

  • Leadership Students on Game Drive

  • Visit Monica Munyaka Secondary

  • Visit Kanyoni Preschool

Monday 5/1

Ol Pejeta visit

Tuesday 5/2

  • Mwangaza Preschool Opening

  • Mweiga Primary 3-classroom dedication

  • Deliver books to Muthuini!

Wednesday 5/3

  • Laburra Secondary visit

  • Check on dining hall and Dobson Library location

  • Laburra Primary visit

  • Mahiga Hope High and Primary Tour and Celebration

  • Assembly at Rainwater Court

  • Present bikes and laptops to top scorers

  • Treated to a performance by music and dance teams!

Thursday 5/4

Muthuini Grand Opening and formal library dedication: The preschoolers got to go inside first, before local officials toured, then each grade got their own private tour. Community partner Aberdare Safari Club hosted a fun bonfire and dinner for the everybody to celebrate!

Friday 5/5

Visit our friends at Magunda Maternity Clinic and nearby schools

Saturday 5/6

Deliver ARES and ten computers to Olmoran computer lab, check on classroom and library

Monday 5/8

Visit Beverly school, Songoloi and our friends at Ubuntu (check out their iconic LOVE bracelets for Mother's Day)!

Tuesday 5/9

Meet with current and future partners, including MASK, to talk about progress and plans for upcoming projects!

Wednesday 5/10

Made it halfway home before we stalled out due to mechanical issues - knew it was too good to be true! Oh well, it's nice to be still for a minute...

...okay, we're ready to get back to it!

What an adventure! Thank you, Kenya, for hosting us again. We're so grateful for all of the love and support from our friends and partners who make all of this work possible. The families, communities, and future generations of those in East Africa send their appreciation and share a vision of hope with you and yours. Get some rest everyone, and keep on building hope.

- Turk, Christy, and all of us here at The Nobelity Project

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