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Kenya July 2019: Transformational Changes

2019 marks our 10th year working with Kenyan communities to bridge gaps in education for their children. We've seen a lot of change throughout the country, including at the 50 school locations where we now work, partnering on hundreds of projects and serving thousands of students. Here are some highlights of our July trip to 12 of those schools where we opened kitchens, classrooms, libraries, and more. And at every stop we were asked to deliver these three words to you --"Thank you, thank you, thank you."

New Kitchens at at Kanyoni Preschool, Laburra Primary, and Olmoran Secondary

With thanks to: Solio Ranch, ASK Charitable Foundation, the Alexander Family, Fairmont Mt. Kenya

New libraries and lots of new books at Ikumari, Kinyaiti, Wendiga, and Monica Munyaka

With thanks to: Barb Horan, StoryMoja, Steve Kuhn, Paul Twitchell, Tito's

Monica Munyaka Girls celebrated their star players on the new basketball court

With thanks to: Love, Tito's

And the Simbara Secondary dance team is headed for regionals!

(Note the Joslyn Dobson Library in the background!)

With thanks to: Joslyn Dobson and Family

Meet the 2019 Jumpstart Scholars!

11 new college students from the 5 high schools where we work.

Studies range from Nursing to Education and they have all made the commitment to return to their high schools to tutor, teach, and mentor.

With thanks to: ASK Foundation, Louisiana Charities, Scholar sponsors

Christy worked with students (seen here at Mwangaza), delivering your postcards and maps from the US. They had lots of great questions and will be sending their responses next school term. Thanks to everyone who wrote a note. They loved them!

Welcome to Kinyaiti and Wendiga Primary Schools; 2 schools we identified this year that were struggling to support 100's of students with substandard facilities. Working with the communities and our key partner Shancar Contractors, these schools have undergone rapid transformation and are ready to support these students and many more for years to come.

Thanks to each of you who Raised Your Hand to bring these changes and bridge the gaps in education for these kids and their families. SO many smiles!

There were other stops at Muthuini, Mahiga, Honi, Kanyoni, where kids were all thriving. Overall enrollment is up, scores are rising, and more students are qualifying for colleges every year. It has been amazing to be a part of the progress for these 10 years.

These are the faces of the future. Thank you for making that future bright.


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