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For 6 years we have worked with the Paramount Education team on the annual screening for of our film, Building Hope.


1000's of Austin 6th graders have visited the historic theater to watch the documentary of how a small nonprofit, The Nobelity Project, built a high school in partnership with a rural community in East Africa.

Afterward watching the film we host a live video call so students in Austin can talk in real time with their Kenyan peers.


Despite an entire day's time difference, our partner school in Mwangaza Kenya gathers to meet friends on the other side of the world

We hope to see the live Connected Communities event back at the theater in 2022, but read on for more information on the  2021 virtual version. 


This year the Paramount Education team hosts an online version of our Connected Communities program.


Register above for the Paramount Theater Digital Field Trip, download an online study guide created by the the theater's creative team, and access a very special Q&A session between Kenyan and Texan scholars.

However you choose to watch, please tag the @nobelityproject and @paramounteduatx to share how you're building hope with your community.   

Below are free PDFs lesson plan to accompany the

film. These activites aim to align with standard curriculum and encourage students to think independently about the world and their role in it.



Appropriate for grades 6-12; contents are most relevant to middle school Contemporary World Cultures, and high school World History and World Geography courses. 

Examples of related TEKS/curriculum connections:

  • physical and human geography

  • character, leadership, citizenship

  • global studies

  • philanthropy / advocacy / community

  • science, technology and society

  • culture (e.g., government, economics)

  • contemporary issues / current events

  • sustainable human development


Turk's bilingual bedtime story "Grace and the Moon/Graciela y la Luna" now available!

This story of two girls named Grace reaches across different lands and languages as they imagine an adventure with the Moon and the sky we all share. Told with side-by-side fully illustrated pages in the US and Mexico, one side is in English and the other is in Spanish. Includes a glossary and talking points for you and your readers to practice language learning.

Thanks to a literacy grant, The Nobelity Project has 1,000 copies of Grace and the Moon/Graciela y la Luna available for free to educators. Please click "Grace for Librarians" to complete a short form and request a copy for your school or public library.

Also offering a free online version!

The new English/ Spanish edition of "Grace and the Moon" is online and ready to read on your laptop, tablet or phone for free.

Grace and the Moon (Spanish)

Please know that you are deeply appreciated. Your support makes a difference in our lives and the lives of those we serve. Together we can make a little grace go a long way.

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