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Turk's 65th Birthday Wish

Turk's 65th Birthday Wish

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Turk's 65th Birthday Wish - 5 new Kenyan Libraries!

Check out this video to see the 5 new libraries we've built this year at our partner schools in Kenya.  With your help we can build 5 more!

Two ways to say Happy Birthday to the Old Man!

Give books!

Make a Donation to fund books for 5 new Kenyan libraries. 

From $5 to $5000, every gift counts.​​

Get books! (and give some at the same time)

Subscribe to Turk’s Book of the every-other-month Club!

Get 6 great new books by Turk / Give 6 great books to students!

Higher subscription levels include beautiful canvas print photos and fund additional books. 

Thanks and big birthday love from…

Turk and The Nobelity Project

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