Turk's 65th Birthday Wish - 5 new Kenyan Libraries!

Check out this video to see the 5 new libraries we've built this year at our partner schools in Kenya.  With your help we can build 5 more!

Two ways to say Happy Birthday to the Old Man!

Give books!

Make a Donation to fund books for 5 new Kenyan libraries. 

From $5 to $5000, every gift counts.​​

Get books! (and give some at the same time)

Subscribe to Turk’s Book of the every-other-month Club!

Get 6 great new books by Turk / Give 6 great books to students!

Higher subscription levels include beautiful canvas print photos and fund additional books. 

Thanks and big birthday love from…

Turk and The Nobelity Project






PO BOX 161925

Austin, TX 78716 

The Nobelity Project is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

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