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Turk's Birthday Wish for All

Today is my birthday, a ripe ol’ 67 if you’re counting, and once again I have a birthday wish that I hope friends and family can help fulfill. You’ll have to read more to learn what it is, but this time it’s not about supporting a special school project. I’d like to think that this time its something bigger. 

But first, as my pal Harry Anderson used to say during a long magic trick, “Let’s review!” Harry came to town for my 60th birthday dinner and show at The League Restaurant in Lakeway, a raucous night that funded construction of a new classroom at Simbara Secondary in Kenya. That was followed by a party at the old 263 Bar with Joe Ely, Gary P. Nunn and other pals performing. I joined Micah Nelson’s band to juggle torches, a trick I hadn’t tried in 20 years, and was terrified to see how big those flames were!

Somehow I made it to 61 where, sitting on the equator in Kenya, I announced a birthday wish to raise $15k to build a new classroom at a school for kids with Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and even bigger challenges. We made that goal and more (thanks Paul Twitchell and many others). That inspired my subsequent birthday campaigns. This photo with Willie was my 64th, and with Willie’s and all of your help, my birthday wishes continued to fund a new preschool in the desert, many new classrooms, and thousands of new books for some of the 30 new Kenyan school libraries we’ve built. None of that would have happened without you.

With a few hiccups along the way, I’ve been blessed through most of my 67 years by virtue of place of birth, a loving family, many friends and perhaps by a continuing interest in learning and doing new things. I’ve been a juggler, a comedian, a writer, and actor and a filmmaker. The past twenty years, much of my time has been dedicated to the films and the education and conservation partnerships of our nonprofit, The Nobelity Project. So now we’re back to my wish for 2020. This has been a trying year for just about everyone. Many local businesses and nonprofits are struggling financially, and any support your give them is helpful and appreciated. But many families and individuals are also struggling - both financially and emotionally. My birthday wish is simply for everyone who reads this to do something kind or generous or both for a family or a person who could use a lift, a smile, a friend or all three. The size and shape of your kindness is entirely up to you - no examples needed, for Sir Paul had it right all along when he wrote, “in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” If I can add a second wish, I'd love for you to share this message with someone and keep the kindness going, because we could all stand to make and take a little love right now.

That's it. Big Thanks. And Big Birthday Love to all!

Turk Pipkin

PS - as always, you can find The Nobelity Project at or on Facebook. We've just finished five Summer Camp Safaris about Northern White Rhinos, Lions, Elephants, Mountain Gorillas and Monarch Butterflies. They were a blast, and are all still streaming for free at


Thanks to our friends at for introducing me to that beautiful lion cub.


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